Colorado State University

Affiliate Faculty, Dept of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability

Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

my research

Our comprehensive synthesis book on horses, zebras, and asses, Wild​ Equids, is available now from Johns Hopkins University Press!  I'm humbled and honored to have been a part of such an esteemed group of colleagues to bring the world this book. I hope it inspires conservation, drives curious students, and maybe sheds some new light on a genus that the earth is better for having known.



​​I’ve been working in wildlife biology, ecology, and conservation for over 25 years and have experience studying a wide variety of species and systems. I work on the front lines of applied conservation on a day-to-day basis. From an academic perspective, I'm interested in how animal behavior and physiology influence social networks and ultimately shape population ecology, as well as the phenology of biological phenomena, behavioral adaptation to environmental change, and the importance of protected areas to landscape level conservation. Much of my past an current work centers on the conservation, ecology, and management of horses, zebras, and asses, but I currently work on carnivore restoration and ecology, and several avian topics in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, US.  I work in

a collaborative and broadly integrative context and feel

strongly that multiple disciplines are essential to

understanding even the most basic problems. I encourage

my students to learn through this integrated lens with 

diverse interdisciplinary coursework and hands-on

experience. You can find my research and publication

downloads on my ResearchGate page.